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May 22 2018


if a demon possessed me I’d just b like ok take it from here good luck man

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“Well, I guess you are a pro, after all.”


Overwatch is doing his event where you can buy a pink mercy skin and the proceeds go to an actually scored well breast cancer research fund, so I bought it because it’s a cute skin for a good cause and it seem to be handled well.

First match in the new skin, ally Hanzo keeps thanking me over and over and I kinda just assume he’s trying to butter me up to get me to pocket him but half way through the match, this young voice comes on over voice chat and he starts talking about how his mom has breast cancer and how nice all of the pink Mercys make him feel and how he’s going to show her later. I almost flew into the canals of Rialto because I couldn’t see through my tears 😭

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they lift each other up …… so they can stand on mountains……

bonus (from ca:tws):

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I love this series

May 21 2018

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CCS Fanart, Rewatching it for 999th+ time. 

Hope you like it! 

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my favorite thing is when my friends; all independent of each other all send me the same post because they all thought “yeah this weeb ass bitch would love this gif of badly draw sasuke fondling his chest”

and i do and i love them  

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some kh drawings with real dog + duck donald and goofy, ive seen some artists do that and it looked like a cute idea!

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taako with the flaming raging poisoning sword of doom

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anyone else fucking LOVE BEING IN BED???

bitch im in bed right now!! how did you know!!

reblog if ur in bed

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aizawa with glasses. a commission for @writingdeviation

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